Rep Weiner Honored As Trailblazer by Fellow Genitalia-Named

WASHINGTON D.C.-  Though Representative Anthony Weiner announced his resignation Thursday, a small-but-loyal group is planning to honor the troubled New Yorker for their own reasons. ‘People With Genital Names’ is a loose organization for the awkwardly named.  Founder John Shaft says the group has declared the anniversary of Weiner’s resignation an unofficial holiday and will spread awareness every year on June 16th.

“It’s the least we can do,” said Pamela Clit, a member of the Memphis, Tennessee chapter. “He’s done so much for us…Everybody has become so familiar with that name. They sort of got used to it.”

Larry Shlong, a press-relations officer for PWGN says Weiner made the ultimate sacrifice. “I swear he’s like Jesus to us.”  Shlong continued:  “I cannot believe what that man has accomplished in his lifetime. There’s only one way to take the spotlight of ridicule away from a penis-name, and that’s to do something even crazier with your actual penis. I have to say he nailed it.”

PWGN claims several notable members spanning the globe: The Welsh Princess Evelyn Bearded-Clam, President Okate Poontang of Nigeria, and even long-time CNN news-anchor Wolf Blitzer.


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