Swamp Gas Sighting Debunked as UFO

PHOENIX, AZ-  Witnesses claim to have seen the rare phenomena of ‘swamp gas’  hovering over Phoenix Wednesday night.  Hundreds of calls came in to the Phoenix Sherriff’s Office describing the mysterious phenomena.

“I guess you could say we were ‘swamped,” joked Sheriff Randy Kracker.

Ben Simons, spokesman for the local group “People for Swamp Gas Disclosure” didn’t take the incident so lightly.

“Outrage…That’s all I can say about our local and federal

government’s reaction to this amazing phenomena.  I simply cannot believe they can ignore swamp gas any longer, especially when it’s right there for everyone to see, like Wednesday night!”

Officials from nearby Luke Airforce Base have responded with striking disagreement about Wednesday night’s events.

“This was just another case of an unidentified flying object, or ‘U.F.O.” as we call them.  UFO’s are absolutely harmless and certainly nothing to get too excited about,” said Commander Brent Tooly, investigator of U.S. airspace violations.

Believers cite evidence of swamp gas going back to the 15th Century, but skeptics maintain most sightings can easily be explained as UFOs.

Some say this renaissance era painting depicts 'swamp gas' hovering in the background.


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