Enraged Baby Draws Popular Support

HARPER, KS-  Citizens of Harper Kansas have been hearing, and feeding, a lot of buzz about little Nathaniel Jones lately.  The sixteen-month old has always been out-spoken, but now he says he’s ready to put his money where his tiny mouth is.  Nathaniel declared his candidacy for the senate seat of Kansas Senator Sam Brownback on Saturday.

Supporters claim to look forward to Nathaniel's 'terrible two's.'

“B-b-b-bra-baaaaaggh!” shouted Mr. Jones to a church full of supporters.  The room erupted in cheers of agreement as some waved signs and garden implements.

“Now is the time for fiscal responsibility!” said Shirley Jones, Nathaniel’s mother, as she heaved a noose over a beam to hoist up a black-faced manikin.

Mr. Jones’ message of job-growth and fiscal responsibility has struck a cord with many in the working class.  His inability to form words has apparently not harmed the campaign as of yet.

Legendary Fu Manchu-like political operative Karl Rove even mentioned Nathaniel in a tweet, Sunday, “Nathan Jones really strikes a cord with the average American.  He is fired up beyond belief, but most importantly he embodies change–in all the ways that matter to working-class Americans right now ;-)

Perhaps a crimson faced supporter at the rally summed the situation up best, “We’re sending Nathan to Washington–to burn it to the ground!”


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